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81% Click Rate on Gmail Ads

Get viral by making fun of Twitter’s “disputed” footers 


Read more by clicking above link to see how brands are making fun of it. 


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Get new users by linking your product on competitors’ feature requests


If your competitor lacks a feature that you have, some of their users may be primed and ready for your product. 

Get new customers by keeping an eye on your competitors’ feature requests and letting the posters know how you can help.

Rhys Diab of Program Tree posts on his competitors’ feature requests and often gets between 10 and 20 trials from it. 

In his posts, he links his product and mentions how his feature(s) could solve the poster’s problem. But he’s also honest about its limitations in relation to his competitor’s product, which adds a degree of trust.


81% click rate on Gmail ads


You maybe wishing to get that high CTR. But in reality this percentage of people are not opening your landing page. This is the percentage of people who click on the ad (to open the email), not for the click . 

in other words, Google is charging you for Gmail users feeling of being ‘done’ by opening every email. 

P.S I didn’t know it earlier and I tested it today before sending the email.


  • YouTube Music launched audio ads. As it’s starting out, there’s an opportunity to get exposure for much cheaper as compared to their “traditional” ad formats (for YouTube, it’s in-video streams)
  • Instagram recently made “guides” available for everyone. “Guides” are basically articles inside Instagram. There are speculations that they’ll soon change their search bar, so you can actually find those guides…turning Instagram into a mini search engine.
  • Facebook Rights Manager is a tool where, if someone posts your images/videos, you’ll get notified of it & you can decide what to do (block it, add an attribution to the picture/video, “collect ad earnings” from things like in-stream ads and so on)
  • Checkout this Google Sheet with a list of 363 questions that VCs and investors ask founders.
  • Running out of SaaS ideas. Go to Zapier integrations and choose any idea to work on. For example, did the same – Picked up something that Zapier is already doing – Automatically post your Instagram photos to Twitter – Acquired for $30K ($10K in cash + $20K cap based on sales for next 2 years) – Started in 2018
  • ”Customer service shouldn’t be a department. It should be the entire company.” That’s the level of Tony Hsieh’s vision. (RIP Tony Hsieh of Zappos.)

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