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A Robot Wrote This Entire Article

12.44% more leads with a single input field


Just because you can add half a dozen form fields to your LeadBoxes® doesn’t mean you should. Most marketers find that a more minimalistic approach to collecting leads’ data gets better results, but how low should you go?

That’s likely to depend on the type of business you run and your visitors’ motivations. To find out what would work for his agency, Matt Thomson from Connect Social Media ran an A/B test on one of his key LeadBoxes®.

Would using a single-form field reduce friction and give Matt more opt-ins? Or would a two-field strategy increase the perceived credibility of the video series, as well as the opt-in rate?

Asking for just an email increased conversions by 12.44% compared to asking for name and email.



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  • Instagram: TikTok’s duet feature is getting copied by Instagram. It’s called “Remix” for Reels. It is now being tested with selected users. Snapchat is working on a new ‘Remix’ feature for snaps.
  • Twitter Spaces will soon be accessible via desktop PCs.
  • Google announces the global launch of property promotion ads for hotels.
  • S.A.L.E.S. = Serve. Ask. Listen. Empathize. Summarize. (Tweet link)
  • Be like a flower, survive the rain but use it to grow. (Tweet link)
  • We suffer more in our minds than we ever do in real life. Worrying is a wasted emotion.
  • After a certain point in life, your friends are no longer limited to the people that are the same age as you, instead, they are people who are at a similar phase in life as you.

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