Bundling Effect

Bundling effect   Salesforce acquired Slack back in December 2020 for a record $27 billion. Slack is a chat and collaboration platform increasingly used by startups across the world. Salesforce is a massive enterprise cloud computing company. The Slack acquisition makes sense of Salesforce, it can bundle the solution with its existing enterprise offerings and …

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Pay Attention

How to design Facebook images that get 131% more clicks   Everybody wants to make small changes and see a big increase in conversions especially if you are pouring money in. Images are responsible for 75% to 90% of ad conversions. Ryan McCready from Venngage A/B tested a bunch of images on Facebook. He found that the …

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Earn media mentions by giving journalists your product for free   Getting media attention and reviews is important, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Give your product to influencers and journalists for free and request a review. When Airawear launched their product on Kickstarter, they got double their funding goal. The biggest reason for this …

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Google Announces a New Ranking Tag

Increase user acquisition by buying out your competitors’ contracts   Long-term plans can make it hard to snag your competitors’ customers — even if your product is a better fit. Boost sales by buying out their contracts. If your competitors offer long-term plans, consider buying out their contracts. Zoom did this aggressively in the beginning, and it’s also …

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