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How to get more podcast interview guests?


  • Andrew Warner of Mixergy podcast have interviewed over 2,000 including hard-to-get guests. Here are his excellent tips to get guests in queue.
  • Look for Motivated Moments: times when people are super-motivated to do interviews. Check new product launches on Product Hunt & go through Amazon’s upcoming books section.
  • Partner with another site, blogger, etc and do interviews for them…but make sure you agree that you can publish on your podcast too. Andrew did that with Mashable. He asked Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss & others let me interview them for Mashable and post it on my podcast feed too.
  • In early days, focus your podcast at a small community & its members. Andrew did that with Hacker News when it started. He did interviews with HN members for HN members. You can replicate him by doing that for IndieHackers or community or do that for specific FB groups, Slack groups, Discourse, etc
  • Good guests know other good guests. Ask every single guest you interview to introduce you to others. If they did it, that’s a lot of credibility with people they’ll intro you to.
  • Many people say ‘no’ to new interviewers because they don’t believe they’ll be around. So use or set reminders to ask again after 2 months.
  • Add a “suggest” interview link to your site. Many of our best guests have come from that link. Your audience wants to support you.


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Little more to make your Product Hunt launch successful


  1. Want to share your Product link directly – but fear of getting less points by PH algorithm. Share the similar URL instead of direct post link. Indie Letters PH URL
  2. Adapt your website (or app) experience based on where the traffic comes from. Visitors from Product Hunt, will land on your product URL with the ?ref=producthunt URL parameter. So tweak various sections on our home page, to feature Product Hunt related content, including our launch event. Tip: Running a special ProductHunt deal for the launch day only, take into account the current time, so that you only show launch-related content, while the launch is ongoing.
  3. Launch like a pro on Product Hunt with Launch Checklist – a directory of 80+ actionable tips & hacks you can filter by effort, impact and execution strategy. (Jim is offering 20% discount code to my readers. It applies automatically.)



  • Now you can setup frequency caps for Twitter ads. This way you can control the number of times your ad is shown to a specific user. For example, once only.
  • Dark mode finally came on GitHub. Just go to Settings > appearance to pick any of 3 themes available and select your preferred emoji skin tone. GitHub also launched another way to contribute to open-source stuff: GitHub Sponsors
  • Cloudflare is working on a new product called Cloudflare Pages. It will compete directly with Netlify and Vercel, two cloud hosting companies that let you build and deploy sites using Jamstack frameworks.
  • Building something for newsletter creators. Get NewsletterSpy – a directory of 20K+ SubStack newsletters featuring creator name, subscriber count, language, pricing options etc.

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