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The biggest problem engineers-turned-founders face is marketing. They don’t know how to drive awareness of their product!

SEO is the biggest channel to drive awareness and conversions. When you think of SEO or Organic Search, you probably think of Content Marketing.

While CM is a very powerful tool in the right hands, not every founder loves it, and it takes a lot of time to grow. However, there is another way to rank organically. It’s called EaM. Engineering-as-Marketing.

The idea is to create a free tool that your ideal customer would use, and offer it for free on your website. Many companies are leveraging EaM.



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  • Pixelhunter is a free AI image resizer for media publications. AI adjusts pictures to the best quality to fit the most popular dimensions on media platforms. It recognizes objects and crops pictures automatically to streamline your needs on media platforms.
  • Parrity – A growing collection of free business books from top academic institutions & business writers readable directly in your browser. No additional apps, readers, or downloads.
  • @Stew Fortier — “People choose products based on the single thing that they care about the most.” –Steph Smith. Lesson: don’t be average at a few things, be exceptional at one.
  • @Neha Puri — I don’t know who needs to hear this but branding is not just logo, fonts and colour schemes, it’s more than that.
  • We’re all pessimists about the problems and pessimists sound smart. Just some people are optimists about the solutions and optimists make money.
  • Do you showcase multiple logos on your site? Use Clearbit’s company logo API and show almost “any” website’s logo for free.

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@Gumroad: If you want to become unique, you don’t need a “unique” skill. You need a unique combination of skills.

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