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Google Announces a New Ranking Tag

Increase user acquisition by buying out your competitors’ contracts


Long-term plans can make it hard to snag your competitors’ customers — even if your product is a better fit. Boost sales by buying out their contracts.

If your competitors offer long-term plans, consider buying out their contracts. Zoom did this aggressively in the beginning, and it’s also common practice with telecom providers and the like.

Your prospective customer will have to verify that they have a plan with your competitor. Then when they sign up, they’ll pay the subscription price less the remaining amount on their current plan. This can be set up easily if you don’t need it to scale yet — the application can be an email and the discount can be a simple promo code. Obviously, the plan they choose should extend further than their current plan, so you’ll have to decide how long that commitment should be. 

Make the offer known in your marketing materials, landing pages, pricing pages, social media, and so forth. You can also offer it directly to people who give your competitors bad reviews on sites like G2 and Capterra

Contract buyouts work best when you’ve got some runway and the cost of onboarding new customers is low.



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Google announces new ranking tag


Today, Google announced a new tag you can use on your pages to make them rank much higher.

It works instantly.

It even works for highly competitive single-word keywords.

This is how you do it:

Wrap your important keywords using this tag:


You’re welcome, have fun!

P.S. First shared into Marketer Crew community. Today is the perfect time to join it.



  • Getty Images acquires Unsplash. It will still operate as a standalone company.
  • Substack is raising $65 million.
  • LinkedIn confirms it’s working on ClubHouse rival. Microsoft Excel to launch Audio Rooms feature. Spotify is launching its own Clubhouse competitor. It will focus on live music, cultural, and sports conversations.
  • TikTok launches new ‘Playlists’ feature to group clips into themed collections. Everyone already can browse them.
  • Facebook Group admins can now ‘slow down commenting’ on individual posts. When comments are slowed down for a post, each person can only post one comment every 5 minutes. Admins can also mention the violating rule in comments by typing and selecting the role.
  • YouTube is experimenting with hiding dislikes to protect creators’ well-being.
  • Improve YouTube extension adds 80+ enhancements to YouTube including picture-in-picture mode and taking screenshot conveniently etc.

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