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Increase Conversions by Different Trial Experiences

Create a Different Trial Experience for Each User Segment to Increase Conversions

Different types of users will have different “Aha” moments. Boost your conversion rate by emphasizing different actions and features to different user-types during their trials.

Initially, MYOB was offering the same trial experience to every user. But when they realized that the aha moment differed according to the type of user, they started tailoring their trials. The result was a 54% increase in their trial conversion rate

In MYOB’s case, one segment was more likely to convert when prompted to try their point-of-sale features, while others were more interested in payroll or banking features. They encouraged each segment to use the relevant feature by prompting users in-app, via email, and (for one specific segment) by phone. 

The easiest way to segment your users for this is to ask them which use-case applies to them when they sign up. Then survey users or test your educated guesses to figure out which action gives each segment that aha moment. And encourage the action by navigating them thereafter onboarding, alerting them in-app, or emphasizing the feature via email.

P.S. It’s a brilliant tip.


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  • TikTok now has Facebook’s equivalent of “Boosted posts” called Spark Ads. Now you can turn any TikTok video into an ad.
  • Open Source Alternatives — a collection of 200+ open source alternatives to tools that businesses require in day-to-day operations.
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  • Startup Concepts — Learn startup concepts in a comic book format. Understand complex startup concepts through simple explanations. Anyone who is fan will fall in love with it immediately.
  • @Noah Kagan — 3 different types of founders:
    Bootstrapped Founder -> talk about their revenue
    Funded Founder -> talk about their valuation
    Wealthy Founder -> don’t say anything
  • @Phil Kalogeras — Just make sure that when you have finished a hiring round, you are no longer the smartest person in the room.
  • @Ross Simmonds — Copy Experiment:
    Don’t write a “call to action”
    Write a “call to value” — Here’s what I mean…
    [Get started] -> [Plan your finances]
    [Sign up] -> [Grow your following]
    [Try Now] -> [Launch your site]
    See the difference?
    Test it and see what works best for you.

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