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It Depends

Boost signups by doing a revenue share with failed competitors


A little bit of creativity (and collaboration) can go a long way. Monetize the traffic of your competitors when they close up shop by suggesting a revenue share.

When John of Salesloop went to a competitor’s website, he saw a notice saying that they had shut down. The notice included links to their other projects, indicating that they were still getting (or at least expecting) some traffic. 

So he reached out to the founder and came to an agreement — they would link to Salesloop and split any revenue that came from it, allowing both parties to monetize the traffic. 

The company updated the notice, linking Salesloop and recommending visitors to check out their “friends at Salesloop” for an alternative automation tool. 

Someone bought his competitor’s tech. But before that happened, John got a solid 304 trials out of the deal

All you have to do is partner up and track whether the leads from their site convert.


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  • As annoying as it is, “it depends” is probably the most accurate answer to most questions. (Click to tweet)
  • We suffer more in our minds than we ever do in real life. Worrying is a wasted emotion. (Click to tweet)
  • You don’t understand how many things a muscle does until that muscle is sore. (Click to tweet)
  • It takes intelligence to realize how stupid you are. (Click to tweet)
  • A 3.9-star rating looks so much worse than a 4-star rating. (Click to tweet)
  • Your legs are your biggest supporters. (Click to tweet)
  • Commas are speedbumps for reading. (Click to tweet)
  • People drastically underestimate how far away 6 feet is. (Click to tweet)
  • They call it “overnight success” because nobody pays attention before you succeed. (Click to tweet)

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