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Marketing Is a Microphone

Grow your email list by adding a “little fella” to your blog


A little added delight can go a long way, especially when that delight also pushes the needle for you in a measurable way. Consider a cutesy way to display your newsletter opt-in (like a little fella).

Josh W. Comeau made nearly $600,000 within a week from his first course. As you might expect, one of the key acquisition channels was his email list, which is about 28,000 strong. 

What you might not expect is that he grew that from 1,000 subscribers within a year. The recipe was consistency, a free ebook for signing up, and something unusual… a little fella.

While visitors scroll through his blog, a cute little character peeks out from off-screen with an unobtrusive speech bubble. It says, 

“Hi there! Can I share a cool thing I’m working on with you?” And if the user clicks “Sure”, they’re shown a newsletter opt-in. 

After adding this, signups increased by 50%  (compared with just a form at the end). 

How much of that comes from the additional nudge vs the novelty factor is hard to say, but it works. Even if a little fella isn’t for you (or your brand), take some inspiration from this novel piece of (useful) delight. To see it in action, head to his blog.



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  • Facebook allows users to ‘turn off’ Facebook’s News Feed algorithm and sort by most recent. Unlike sub-reddits, you can’t make it default. Last week, news broke about 533 million users’ data leak including personal details. Facebook officials responded that it’s an old leak and it was fixed in August 2019. 
  • Earlier, Firefox Send was available for private file sharing. But it shut down because of abuse. Someone launched Wormhole. It lets you share files with end-to-end encryption and a link that automatically expires. Simple, fast and no login required.
  • Optimize when your ads are running. A pizza company running ads at midnight makes sense. A software company, not the same. Optimize your ads for running only during the day. This can lead to a 30% increase in ad append efficiency. (Tweet link)
  • Taking 30 minutes to learn keyboard shortcuts or find ways to optimize processes pays off huge dividends over a long period of time. Imagine if you save 3 minutes a day. That’s a lot of time saved in a year! (Tweet link)
  • Marketing is a microphone. Make sure your product is worth amplifying before going loud. (Tweet link)

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