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Pay Attention

How to design Facebook images that get 131% more clicks


Everybody wants to make small changes and see a big increase in conversions especially if you are pouring money in.

Images are responsible for 75% to 90% of ad conversions.

Ryan McCready from Venngage A/B tested a bunch of images on Facebook.

He found that the “dark background + white text” color scheme receives 131% more clicks than other combinations.



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  • Facebook is now suggesting topics for users to follow in feeds.
  • Instagram is working on new sticker types. I particularly like the “Link” sticker, users who have less than 10K followers can use it to include links in their stories.
  • Apple introduces Podcasts Subscriptions to pay creators for content in the redesigned app.
  • Now, you can schedule stories on Facebook and Instagram using Facebook Business Suite.
  • Balance Checkout is the first self-serve checkout that accepts all B2B payment needs. From net term financing to invoicing to checks, your B2B customers can finally pay how they want – with just a few clicks. Process your first $55,000 for free.
  • Cold email templates is a free collection of 150 email templates for agencies & freelancers that will surely get you a yes!
  • Work For FANG is a free step-by-step guide on how to land a job in top tech companies. Get access to validated frameworks which helped multiple people to grab recruiters’ attention and end up getting multiple offers in Big Tech.
  • Knowledge isn’t free. You have to pay attention. 🧠
  • The customer journey starts, not ends, with the sale. – Yamini Rangan, CCO, HubSpot (Tweet link)
  • Competing on price is a horrible strategy
    • there is 0 brand loyalty
    • clients that switch for cheaper will switch for even cheaper
    • you can’t build a better product by making less money

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