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SEO Strategies that Always Work

Want to boost conversion? Make your CTA solution-based

Get rid of CTAs that are service-based.

Example of service-based CTA:

Contact Us to get a free consultation. 

Instead, try to describe the solution that your product/service will offer.

Example of solution-based CTA:

Contact Us to learn how our marketing experts can help you grow your online store.

Long CTAs are okay too.

As long as it is showing a benefit for the prospect, there is nothing to worry about.

A few things to consider:

  • Identify generic CTAs (such as click here, from this, contact now, call us, etc.) and turn them into service-based CTA.
  • Don’t worry about having a little longer CTA like ‘Call us to get a personalized site audit.’
  • Test the conversion rate, CTR, etc, and change the CTAs only after having enough data to evaluate


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  • Backlinko – SEO strategies that always work: 1. Fixing index bloat // 2. Getting more backlinks // 3. Updating + improving old content.
  • Andrew Gazdecki –There will always be a startup with more funding, more growth, more press, more everything than yours. Ignore the media hype and just keep building.
  • Andrew Gazdecki – To launch a startup you gotta be mediocre at sales, marketing, product, customer support, etc. To scale a startup you gotta be world-class at recruiting others to lead sales, marketing, product, customer support, etc
  • James Clear – Prediction depends on events outside your control. Creation depends on events within your control. Don’t guess about the future. Shape it. 
  • Paul Graham – copywriting tip: you don’t need complex sentences to express complex ideas.
  • Black Magic – Nowadays, there is a trend for building in public, adding progress to goals in Twitter bio, etc. This tool is based on top of these trends. Use it to showcase the progress bar on your Twitter profile picture. You can show progress based on your follower goals or a custom milestone using your bio. It keeps updating automatically. Check it live on @MarketerCrew profile.

Worth Reading

Kelly Snyder – I’m sorry, I know someone worked very hard on this. I thought that after two years my feelings would fade, but the Slack logo is four ducks all sniffing each other’s butts and I’m tired of pretending it’s not.


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