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Seo (with a Real Twist)

SEO (with a twist)


Instead of picking a keyword and start pumping content. Test it first with Google Ads. This way you will know if those keywords are going to convert or not.

Run some small experiments; see if these keywords convert; if they do, make a plan for the long-term game of SEO.


Online Summits as a Service →

Imagine that just 90 days from now your SaaS makes the move from an obscure company, to a well-known and sought-after industry thought leader? Hosting online summits is one of the smartest growth strategies and lead generation tools on the market today. Is your SaaS a good fit?

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Increase sales by adding a “made by” badge to your project


Jakob of Gum Spy got dozens of sales, along with hundreds of followers and subscribers because he added a small “made by” badge to his project’s website. 

Shaan Puri of My First Million clicked the badge and looked into Jakob. He liked what he saw and gave him a shoutout — all thanks to that little badge.

These badges make it easy for potential customers to learn about you and your other projects, allowing for a more personal connection. They can also create trust (depending on your industry). 

And they’re particularly helpful if your target market is fellow makers, as it shows that you’re a kindred spirit. Here’s the free badge that Jakob used. It simply says “by Jakob Greenfeld” in the bottom right of each page, and links to his personal website.


  •  Salesforce will buy Slack for $28 billion. (Source)
  • Figure out a way to upsell with your 404 page. (Tweet it)
  • Checkout B2B SaaS marketing playbook full of growth marketing strategies for B2B SaaS founders.
  • Some grow faster, some grow slow, some grow tall and others short. Regardless, perseverance is what maximizes growth for all.
  • Snapchat publishers are reporting higher RPMs (revenue per impressions) which mean 2 things: a) Advertisers are spending more money. b) More and more advertisers are coming on Snapchat
  • Adding a trailer to your video can increase 1-minute video views by 43%. Using a 4:5 aspect ratio outperform 16:9 by 2x. These are some of the insights Facebook recently released on their official blog
  • Pinterest is testing online events where participants can join via Zoom (FB is beta-testing this)

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