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Spraying & Praying

Strengthen Your Personal Brand by Creating Your Own Reaction Gifs

Responding with emojis and generic gifs is for the birds. Create your own reaction gifs to strengthen your brand, and have a little fun while you’re at it.

Ramli John of ProductLed made 33 of his own reaction gifs, and it only took about 20 minutes. He included a mind-blown reaction, a wave, a hat-tip, celebration, you name it. 

Now, when he responds to be people on social media, he does it in style. His responses stand out, his face becomes familiar, he builds relationships, and his brand gets strengthened — far more so than if he used a generic gif without his mug. 

To get started, record yourself on Zoom, then trim the video using something like QuickTime. Convert it from an mp4 into a gif using a tool like EZGIF or CloudConvert. Then use them when relevant, but try not to overdo it.


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Dorik is a NoCode website building platform with an easy-to-use website builder, 130+ UI blocks, and pre-built templates. It integrates with Zapier, Integromat, Stripe, PayPal, Memberstack, Google Analytics, Hotjar, and MailChimp. 

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  • tl;dv for Google Meet – catch up on meetings in minutes. Link your meeting minutes to the exact moment in your video recording & transcript. Instantly share the important takeaways, fully contextualized. Works with your favourite async collaboration app & CRM.
  • SaaS Pricing Calculator – figure out the right pricing for your SaaS product. Compare different pricing models. Understand fees, taxes & yearly billing. Set yourself a goal and share it with others.
  • GPT-J is an open-source cousin of GPT-3. Everyone can use it. It’s a 6 billion parameter model trained on the Pile. It’s available for use with their new codebase, Mesh Transformer JAX. Learn more from the Product Hunt page.
  • Creating a product video? Checkout Canny‘s video. It’s awesome. Plus, their way of showing Canny’s video. They placed a CTA button “See how it works” on top of their product screenshot in the hero section. This helps in making site faster as well, and content loads fast. When a user clicks on the button, then video loads in pop-up.
  • @Charles Floate — With Ads: You go to the people. You have to convince people to buy from you.
    With SEO: People come to you. They’re already convinced, all you have to do is put the product in front of them.
    Do the math.
  •  @Victor — Your app should be fast. But if you cannot achieve this – make it FEEL fast by using loaders/skeletons/lazy-loading images and so on. What matters is perception.
  • @Karthik — In the early stages of a startup, you aren’t fighting competitors but your own will to give up.

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@Janis Ozolins — Plug and play

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