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The State of Link Building Report 2021

The state of link building report 2021


Aira has published its state of link building report. They surveyed 150 professionals from the digital marketing industry. The goal was to identify the link-building approaches they use, and how they approach things like measuring link value, return on link building and so on.

Here are some interesting screenshots that Darko found useful:

  • The most popular link building techniques:img
  • The most popular tools for link building:


  • Metrics people use to measure the authority of a link:




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  • Stripe‘s new feature “Stripe payment links” lets you sell online without a site. Create a full payment page in just a few clicks and share the link with your customers.
  • @Jackbutcher — Attention is the battle, retention is the war.
  • @Heyblake — Habit that will change your life: write for 30 minutes a day.
  • @JanelSGM — People often forget that Airtable automations are just as powerful as zaps sometimes. Did you know that you can send emails from Airtable, as if you’re sending them from your personal Gmail account for free.
  • @ShaneAParrish — The cost of trying to do everything is accomplishing nothing.

Worth Reading

@Sahil — Gumroad in 2011 VS Stripe in 2021

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