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Think Like a Friend, Not a Marketer

Increase conversions by addressing hesitations in your CTAs


Building trust takes time. But if people are hesitant to click your CTAs, a few simple words can often ease their minds. Boost conversions by addressing concerns in the button text.

Before (and probably after) you build trust with people, they’re going to have some hesitations. You can easily address these hesitations with slight modifications to your CTAs

Start by finding out what objections people have to a specific action you’d like them to take. You can do this by asking, surveying, or making educated guesses and testing them. Then change the text in your CTA to account for it. 

Here are a few examples,

1. “Get started” becomes “Get started for just $X”. 

2. If they’re worried about adding a credit card, “Start free!” becomes “Start free! No CC required.” 

3. If they’re worried that filling out a survey will take too long, be explicit about how long it takes or call it a “quick survey” (if it’s actually quick). Super simple, but it can help to assuage any initial fears. You can also do this in more detail in your FAQs.



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  • YouTube claims their AI takes down 94 percent of rule-breaking videos before anyone sees them.
  • Instead of making a decision for users, Instagram will test letting users toggle public like counts on and off. Instagram is testing a separate ‘Following’ feed for Reels, in addition to the main algorithmic Reels feed. (copying every feature from TikTok.)
  • Text Grab is a very simple windows app that takes a screenshot of any text displayed on the screen, performs OCR on the screenshot, then places the text in the clipboard. You can copy text from images, PDFs, video, or any app. ‘s UI. Mac users can use OwlOCR or TextSniper for this purpose.
  • Sometimes typing a URL is faster than opening a bookmark. Search Bar Shortcuts are built for people who often access some websites this way. The extension makes it even quicker, more reliable & predictable.
  • Clever Ads for Google Sheets is an add-on that adds PPC marketing data into Google Sheets. All you have to do is choose your data source & it will put all of it into Google Sheets & create summaries of the data for you!
  • A professional is an amateur who didn’t quit. (Tweet link)
  • Think like a friend, not a marketer. (Tweet link)
  • Ideas are free. Execution is expensive. (Tweet link)
  • Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. – Jimi Hendrix

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