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Twitter SEO Strategy

For Better Seo, Find Links to Your Socials and Ask for Them to Be Switched to Your Website


If you’re active on social media, people will often link to your profile instead of your website. Get more of that sweet link juice by tracking these links down and requesting a change.

Links to your socials are great, but they don’t (directly) help your SEO. Luckily, this is easily remedied.

Find people who are linking to one of your socials (but not your website) by heading to the Link Intersect tool on Ahrefs or a similar tool like SEMrush.

Add your social URLs to the “show me who is linking” section and add your website to the “doesn’t link to” section.

Then all you’ve got to do is take the results and reach out via email, a contact form, or a DM. Ask them to replace the link with your website’s URL.

And just like that, you’ve got another backlink strengthening your SEO. This is particularly helpful if you’re pretty active on social media, as people will often quote posts.


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  • Page Pad is a Chrome extension for creating notes on any web page while browsing the web. Now create, edit and maintain notes for any web page you visit or easily access all notes on a particular website.
  • Spend time building your Chrome Extension, not setting up manifests and environments. Chrome Extension Kit includes 17 different battle-tested starter templates so you can avoid the tedious stuff and focus on shipping faster than ever.
  • Tweetflick is a tweets bookmark manager for the power users of Twitter. Save, organize, and access the tweets you love.
  • @Falak Digital — Don’t build anything from scratch! Use no-code tools, libraries, templates, frameworks. Your goal is to face your customers as soon as possible!
  • @Channing Allen — To go from 0 to 1 as a founder, you have to learn how to wear all the hats. But to go from 1 to 2, you have to learn how to take them off.—
  •  @Amanda Natividad — Actual marketing hack: Create your own personal Customer Advisory Board.
    1. Get to know 3-4 of your customers.
    2. Befriend them naturally.
    3. Run ideas by them — copywriting, blog topics, events, etc.
  • @Mustafa Khundmiri — Good marketing is like salt. You can’t see it, but it adds taste.
  • @Tommy Collison — People with strong follow-up games rule the world.

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GIF / Illustration

1. @Darshan Gajara — Line-height and font size are inversely proportional — use a taller line height for small text and a shorter line height for large text.

2. Make sure that you’re using your resources properly. This is a real reflection picture. I bet 70% of people are stuck with a lot of knowledge but they don’t know how to apply or how to start. Knowledge with no execution = no progress.

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