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The Unbundling of GSuite [SaaS Opportunity]


Craigslist unbundling started in 2000s. 2010s & onwards is the time for GSuite & Microsoft Office unbundling.

Now, SaaS brands are unbundling GSuite left & right. It’s been happening for years but Alphabet focus on advertising vs the GSuite has offered up vulnerability. This lack of focus brought many competitors into the game like Zoom, Smartsheet, Superhuman and Coda.

How Zoom capitalized on the lack of focus?

Zoom launched in 2011, while Hangouts launched in 2013.

Google has more firepower to put behind Google Hangouts / Meet than Zoom. But the focus is the key.

Zoom’s annual revenue for 2020 was $622M compared to $3.007 billion combined for GSuite and Google Cloud revenue.

Smartsheet, another unbundling product, reported $385.5 million in revenue for the last year (42% up).

Whereas GSuite & Google Cloud combined reported $3.83 billion in revenue on losses of $1.24 billion for Q4 2020.

Google is still not winning the battle. All this relates to the focus. Their focus is on advertising business- And here lies one of the biggest opportunities in SaaS.

Here are some more unbundling products:

  • Gmail –> Superhuman
  • Slides –> Pitch
  • Sheets –> Airtable
  • Docs –> NotionHQ
  • Search –> Getcommande
  • Hangouts –> Zoom
  • Forms –> Typeform




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  • Facebook launched Hotline – a new web app that is a mashup Of Clubhouse and Instagram Live. Facebook is testing Venmo-like QR codes for person-to-person payments in US.
  • Signal Tests Payments In The UK Using Mobilecoin. For now, you can buy coins from the cryptocurrency exchange FTX.
  • TikTok is introducing auto-captions in the US.
  • Versoly is offering a free changelog for your products. You can add custom fonts, analytics, custom domain, embeddable widget, SEO (pagination, sitemap, metatags) and give access to whole team.
  • Inspirational Tests is a free compilation of different A/B Tests conducted on the copy, CTA/Pricing page, and UX/Design of different landing pages.
  • Haikei is a web-based design tool to generate unique SVG design assets. Choose a visual from the growing list of generators, customize, randomize, and export it as an SVG or a PNG.
  • If I wasn’t in marketing, I would have deleted facebook a long, long time ago. (Tweet link)
  • Rule of thumb for UX: More options, more problems. (Tweet link)

Worth Reading

  1.  According to Buzzsumo analysis of 100 million headlines across Facebook and Twitter, curiosity-based headlines worked well on Facebook 4 years ago. However, guidance-based headlines (“how you should X”) seem to drove far more engagement now.
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